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Soul Chocolate Subscription Box Review

Updated: May 13, 2022

Soul Chocolate, a small batch bean-to-bar local chocolate store and cafe on Gerrard and Broadview recently came into the subscription box space. They create a monthly (chocolatey) baking subscription box containing all the dry ingredients you need to make a delectable chocolate dessert.

From what they have in their store when I used to visit it, they make only the best chocolate items right on their premises, so as soon as I learned that they were doing a subscription box, I immediately signed up knowing I would get only the best creations they had to offer, and make it myself at home - oh the fun!

Their first box, shipped and delivered in time for Mother's Day (though I delayed making mine until after, haha whoops!) is a Chocolate Lavender Tart.

The cool thing about the box is that it comes with all the dry ingredients, and all you need are the wet/fresh ingredients. The box comes with an instruction card and let you know ahead of time if you need any special equipment to make the dessert, like in this instance, a tart pan. (On their website, they indicate the dry ingredients that come in the box)

I immediately signed up knowing I would get only the best ingredients and creations they had to offer, and make it myself at home.

I opened my box and in it was the recipe card, 2 clear bags labelled (1) and (2), *there was a bit of loose chocolate powder in the box, but that didn't bother me too much. The dry ingredients were already mixed together, and upon reading the recipe card, I see that there are no measurements for the dry ingredients, only for the wet/fresh ingredients and in this case, it was simply an egg, cream, and butter.

The instructions were very easy to follow - basically asking you to take a packet and mix it with said ingredients. That being said, I do miss having a real recipe to go off of - I like knowing the exact ingredients I am using and its measurements, and the method of which I am using each one. Another reason why I wish this existed is so I can make the recipe again, and the fact that I just love learning how ingredients are mixed together and how their proportions affect each other is a great baking experience. So I'm hoping that for future boxes they may consider this as I want to keep making these recipes and I'd love to purchase the ingredients from their store so I can get the same result each time.

So that being said, I understand why they mixed everything together - this recipe has probably been tested til perfect; each ingredient has been accurately measured at their facility, and they want the home cook to get the same and best possible result. Perhaps for future boxes the ingredients can come pre-measured individually packaged?

So as you can see in the photos below, I got exactly the same result as in their photo - obviously not counting the shape of my tart, because that was the only shape I had at home, and I knew that it holds the same amount as the round tart pan.

The result was absolutely delicious and decadent.

The crust had a nice texture - was firm and a bit crumbly, but not too crumbly! It was just right, and the filling!! Holy, it was so rich and luxurious. I could only have a couple bites at a time, taking a break, then going back for more. My only comment is that I wanted a bit more of the lavender flavour, but that's personal taste, so since I had some lavender buds at home, I decided to add some as garnish. Other than that, this tart was delectable.

This subscription box was a great success, it was so delicious, and I have high hopes for their upcoming boxes. It’s exciting to receive a box that’s interactive rather than pre-made items. It’s like a meal kit, but for a chocolatey dessert - yes, you need to get a few ingredients yourself, but I don’t expect future boxes to ask you to get too many wet ingredients.

I highly recommend this to anyone who loves chocolate, has a sweet tooth, or just wants to support a local business, and I think that’s one of the more important things to do right now. You don't have to get it just for yourself either as this makes for a great gift for someone special to you.

So if you want in on this as well, and enjoy their desserts as much as I do, you can learn more about their monthly pricing and get more information on their subscriptions here.

Disclaimer: I paid for this subscription, it was not sent to me. I am simply writing an honest review on their subscription box, and all opinions are my own. This is not an ad, nor was this sponsored by Soul Chocolate.

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