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Roasted Grapes, Burrata and Crisps + Balsamic ‘Caviar’ Pearls (a Non-Recipe Recipe)

Updated: May 13, 2022

If you’re looking for a fancy appetizer for a special occasion (or if you’re like me, you wanna feel fancy just ‘coz) then this is a great little platter for you.

It’s a simple dish that you can put together with just a few simple ingredients, and with a bit of molecular gastronomy. But don’t be intimidated! It may sound scary, but this is the easiest of the craft that is sure to turn up your appetizer game!

I fist came across a version of this dish at a restaurant called ‘Campagnolo’ which was one of the top restaurants not just in Toronto, but also in Canada, though unfortunately it has closed, but I am pleased to hear that the chef has moved on to other ventures. His invention of Burratta and Roasted Grapes put his restaurant on the map and on many bucket lists, and other restaurants can only replicate the delicious dish.

It’s definitely a testament of how a few simple and high quality ingredients executed properly can make for a truly scrumptious plate.

Since it’s closing, I’ve always craved for the Burrata and Roasted Grapes, but then again I can always make it myself at home. So here you go!

I’ve made my own changes and it only just added to its deliciousness - thus making my dull dinner just a bit fancier than usual.

To make this mouthwatering appetizer, our main ingredients are:

Grapes - I used Muscat, and Concord, but pretty much any variety will do (though perhaps a seedless one will work best) You can use one kind or a mixture.

Bread or Crisps - your favourite crisps or toasted/grilled sliced bread. This will be your vessel and source of crunchy texture.

Cheese - a soft, fresh cheese like burratta, burratina, or even Buffalo mozzarella will work.

Balsamic - balsamic ‘caviar’ pearls, recipe here, or you can use balsamic glaze, will be a source or tartness to balance the richness of the dish.

For the grapes, I lightly drizzled it with olive oil then roasted them in a (hot hot) 425F oven just until they burst and release their juices, about 5 minutes. This extra step of roasting grapes enhances their sweetness and brings out unbelievable flavour.

For richness and creaminess, I used Burrata cheese which is an Italian soft fresh cheese. It has a solid (edible) casing, and when broken into reveals a soft stracciatella and cream mixture that is rich, creamy and luxurious.

To carry these two ingredients, we need a crunchy vessel. I used a cranberry and herb crisp, but I love a good garlic crostini as well, or just a toasted sliced baguette!

As a garnish, and to brighten up the dish, I used balsamic ‘caviar’. Which is basically balsamic vinegar in the shape of caviar or little pearls. If you want to make this as well, you can check out my recipe and post about it here.

Though if you’re a bit tight on time, you can simply just drizzle a bit of balsamic glaze instead, totally fine. But I do highly recommend that you try making the balsamic ‘caviar’ some time. Believe me, it’s much easier than you think.

After putting the whole plate together, I just drizzled a bit of EVOO and sprinkled a bit of flaked sea salt, and there you have a restaurant-quality appetizer.

I don’t have a recipe for this dish, as I love how something is so easy that you don’t need a recipe to make. Simply roast your grapes and assemble your plate!

And just like that, it’s amazing how simple and high quality ingredients when executed well can feel like you’re eating at a 5* restaurant.

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