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Creamy Lemon Squares

Updated: May 15, 2022

These lemon squares have a unique custard-like texture rather than a curd. It has a shortbread base which bake to golden and nutty around the edges which makes it the perfect carrier for the luscious, tart, and creamy filling. Dusted with icing sugar, its the perfect summer dessert!


When life gives me lemons, well, I make lemon squares!

These lemon squares have been part of my life for as long as I can remember. I used to always make these for my family as soon as my mother taught me how to bake, and then I'd go on to bake these treats and bring them to school for my friends to enjoy.

These were a favourite dessert of mine, but the unfortunate part is, I can't remember the original recipe I've had when I was a child! No matter, I tried and I tried and I found my favourite replacement! These may not be my original lemon square recipe, but the flavour is a classic to me all the same. It makes the most out of summer's bounty, and though lemons are found at your local grocery store all year round, there's something about it when you have them in the summer, as it makes you pucker up, and thirst for a nice summer drink!

What makes this recipe unique?

Though my original recipe, and almost all other recipes out there have more of a curd-like consistency, this new-and-improved version of mine has a more custardy and creamy texture, yet still has that tartness that we love from a good lemon square.

Another thing that I love about this recipe is the crust - as I'm a fan of anything shortbread, and when you bake them to a nice golden crust, the butter then browns and adds a bit of a nutty flavour, all the while having a firm and yet slightly crumbly texture. Combined, the creamy filling makes the perfect combination with the shortbread crust.

Key ingredients:


Flour - provides the main structure to the crust.

Cornstarch - adds tenderness and helps bind.

Icing sugar - adds sweetness without having the grainy texture that granulated sugar provides

Butter - adds flavour and is the main binder when it melts. Gives the base a short and tender crust.


Lemons - Meyer lemons, specifically. Although regular lemons make for a delicious lemon square, Meyer lemons have a more floral and sweeter taste, therefore give your lemon squares that extra decadence.

Eggs - are the main thickener to the custard and adds richness.

Milk - used to add creaminess and helps balance out some of the acidity.

Flour - helps stabilize the custard so it can give you a cleaner cut.

Vanilla and salt - enhances flavour!

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