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I love your comments! I do my best to read each and every one. However, there are a few rules and terms regarding the comments (see below).


Please use your real first name.  Do not use your business name, blog name, or a nickname. Please do not add links to websites in your comment text unless it directly contributes to the comment or the conversation taking place in other comments of the same post. Failure to adhere to these guidelines will cause your comment to be removed.

Comments that are an obvious attempt to gain backlinks or site traffic will be deleted. Helpful reference links that contribute to the conversation and are relevant to the topic will be allowed. Links that are obviously self-promotional including e-commerce storefronts, products for sale, etc. will be deleted.

Comments which include offensive or inappropriate language, or considered by the blog owner (me) to be rude and offensive, will be deleted and the commenter banned from future use. No personal attacks are permitted. Failure to respect fellow participants on this blog will result in removal and blocked access.

Any comment deemed as spam will be deleted and marked as comment spam. People who repeatedly post spam will be blacklisted from commenting in the future.



All Rights Reserved: I reserve the right to edit, delete, move, or mark as spam any and all comments. I also reserve the right to block access via IP address to anyone or group from commenting, or from accessing

Privacy: Email addresses are required for commenting, and they are not published on the blog, nor shared. They may be used by the blog owner (me) to privately contact the commenter. Comments containing email addresses, physical mail addresses, phone numbers, or any personal information will be edited or deleted. To prevent such editing or deletion, never share private information within blog comments.

Liability: All comments within this blog are the responsibility of the individual commenter. By submitting a comment on this blog, you agree that the comment content is your own, and to hold this site,, and all post authors and commenters harmless.

What To Do If Your Comment Does Not Appear: Wait it out. Comments are moderated manually and cannot always be approved right away. Please do not double submit your comments.


Thanks for reading and joining the community with I hope you enjoy the content and comment often! I love hearing everyone’s experiences and reading your questions.


Last updated on 06/08/2020


Welcome to Kitchen Ventures! 

I'm Adrienne, and I'm a food and prop stylist, recipe developer & tester, cake artist, and food & lifestyle writer and blogger.


This is where I will be sharing with you my adventures in the kitchen and elsewhere. To read more about me and my work, check out my bio, and feel free to check out all that my blog has to offer.

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