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In this blog I'll be sharing with you some easy everyday recipes and cooking tips with an emphasis on dishes from my childhood and Filipino heritage as well as my expertise in baking and pastry.
I will also be sprinkling some bonus content of my adventures here and there.  So come join me and my kitchen adventures!


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Content Creation

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I am very passionate about visual storytelling. Whether it's finding the beauty in simplicity, or appreciating the complexity of an elaborate set.

I like creating visual art with various ingredients to elicit different emotions,  most especially musings of drool-worthy imagery.

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About Me

Hello, I'm Adrienne, and welcome to Kitchen Ventures! I am a chef, food stylist, recipe developer, cake artist, and lifestyle writer.

I am passionate about food and though this, I am rediscovering my Filipino heritage with recipes from my childhood. In this blog I will also be sharing easy everyday recipes and tips and delicious desserts and pastries.  

To read more about me and my work, check out my bio, and feel free to check out all that my blog has to offer.

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